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Dan Cubric is a Senior Associate at Jahn. Prior to completing college in 1993, a chance encounter with Helmut Jahn at his United Terminal led to a lifetime of association and representation with the world-renowned architect. Honored to have worked closely and developed with Helmut throughout the years on details that would translate from award winning buildings to personal projects for the Jahn’s. With 30 years of experience at Jahn/, from the Cologne/Bonn Airport and Sony Center Berlin to 1000 South Michigan and the Seven Oaks Farm Arena, the attention to detail can be seen throughout projects in all scales. Dan worked extensively on a variety of project sites, providing and obtaining experience closely with contractors throughout the building process, which lead to great knowledge on building design, technology and construction.

Born and raised in the Plains States, Dan studied at Iowa State University and the University of Nebraska, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Design and Master of Architecture. With a European background, a sense of adventure and extensive travels abroad, visiting varied cultures and studies in architecture helped shape the way of consciously developing design decisions over the years.