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Type: Mixed-Use, Office, Residential

Size: 430,550 sq ft / 40,000 sq m

Height: 30 floors; 404 ft / 123 m

Status: Completed 2014

Collaborators: Uldis Lukšević, NRJA

Previously Named: Z Towers

Formerly known as Z-Towers, Zunda Towers presented an opportunity to apply Jahn’s technical façade design experience to a developing mixed-use residential project in Riga, Latvia. Our team was retained to lead the envelope design, with local architect Uldis Lukšević of NRJA preparing the building concept. The resulting façade combines innovative technical solutions and energy efficiency with functional comfort.

The curved nature of the building allowed for a shingled glazing arrangement which reinforces the verticality of the towers. Each glazing module is oriented tangentially to the curve and projects outward, overlapping the next module. This overlap creates a protected space for passive ventilation with minimal visual obstruction. Fritted edges further accentuate the verticality and add a textural quality to the façade.

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