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We are a studio of doers, darers, and designers / Learn more about us, our people, and our legacy

Studio / About

Jahn is among the most iconic names in architecture. Founded more than 60 years ago, our studio has reshaped cities and changed minds.

Today, we are as energized as ever, building upon a culture of collaboration alongside an innovative team of engineers, fabricators, and builders to create architecture of authenticity and integrity. Through trust in our creative process, and by making space for ideas to flourish, we believe we can design a better world.

Studio / People

We prize a generous and creative culture. Although we come from different places and perspectives, we are brought together by design curiosity — and grounded in a set of shared values.

Encouraging risk, supporting talent, and making space for ideas are central to our practice. This approach, embodied by our founders, has enabled our studio’s growth and evolution, creating an environment where no idea goes unchallenged.

Studio / Legacy

Over decades of practice and generations of leadership, across continents and cultures, alongside countless partners and co-creators, our practice has never stopped changing. We have been at the foundation of the Chicago School, at the forefront of building technology, at head-spinning heights of the world’s most beloved skyscrapers, and at the roots of healthy communities. Through it all, we continue to do, dare, design.

We honor the journey that brought us here and are profoundly optimistic about the future we will create—together.

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Work / Restless, curious, driven — remaking the world with resilience and optimism

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