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Type: Office

Size: 150,700 sq ft / 14,000 sq m

Height: 7 floors

Status: Completed 2005

In the port city of Rostock, a local developer presented a bold vision for a complex of three distinct buildings that anchor a new town square. Equally innovative was his approach: the developer led everything from construction to leasing, bringing architects and engineers together onto his team and, therefore, eliminating the redundancies of typical projects.

Working hand-in-hand from the outset of the project, we developed an innovative system consisting of a composite steel frame with precast concrete planks, which allows spans up to 14 meters. The unitized facade is fully glazed on internal stainless steel frames built in a special project plant. This contributes to a highly efficient envelope that facilitates a decentralized heating and cooling system.

The complex is anchored by a central building housing the Deutsche Med, a medical practice that unifies preventative care and research within one space in close proximity to the amenities of Berlin and Hamburg. As a nod to the importance of this work, this building is defined by a fabric roof stretched taut overhead, creating a shaded courtyard below.

Without sacrificing quality for efficiency, the project leverages a straightforward engineering approach to assure the architectural intent at a surprisingly low cost.

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