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Type: Office

Size: 198,050 sq ft / 18,400 sq m

Height: 22 floors; 269 ft / 82 m

Status: Completed 2010

Recognition: BDA Preis Bremen

The architecturally significant area of Bremen, Germany, known as Überseehafen, offered the rare opportunity to establish a new urban structure within the existing city. Along with improvements to public infrastructure in the form of new roads and open spaces, the integration of high-quality buildings invited a future-oriented accent and new focus for the development of the city.

Weser Tower fulfills this opportunity, combining state-of-the-art building technology, contemporary functions, and sustainable processes. Situated in proximity to the historic center of the city, Weser Tower incorporates a range of functions directly adjacent to the tower, enhancing the revitalization and development of the area. The mix of uses and their integration into the urban fabric build the basis for a sustainable future for Bremen in which the character of a tall building exerts a unique influence upon the urban silhouette.

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