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Type: Office

Size: 473,400 sq ft / 43,980 sq m

Height: 22 floors; 276 ft / 84 m

Status: Completed 2014

Recognition: AIA Chicago Chapter Award

The Skyline Tower marks the northern boundary of the Parkstadt Schwabing, a modern mixed-use district in Munich that was developed at the turn of the new millennium. Located in close proximity to Jahn’s Highlight Towers, it is a complementary project that emerged from a design competition. 

Comprised of five separate buildings, the Skyline Tower complex caters to the diverse needs of its office tenants. The buildings are unified by a common design aesthetic and are connected by ground-level plazas and gardens. The tallest building, which stands at 22 stories, boasts an iconic metal roof that curves downward to form a screen wall as it reaches the ground. A three-story sky garden enhances the rooftop and provides attractive amenities for occupants. 

Measuring 2.7 meters wide, the modules of each facade are double- and triple-glazed with horizontal bands of stainless steel at the slab edges allowing fresh air intake for a decentralized conditioning system. Jahn’s approach to integrated heating and cooling systems reflects our ongoing exploration of environmentally efficient solutions that prioritize tenant comfort. The roofs are fitted with prefabricated cells, which were developed from Jahn’s earlier German projects, such as the Köln Bonn Airport and Deutsche Post. These cells regulate daylight and provide acoustic protection and insulation. 

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