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Type: Residential

Size: 383,000 sq ft / 35,580 sq m

Height: 37 floors; 473 ft / 144 m

Units: 670

Status: Completed 2010

Certification: LEED Gold

Recognition: CTBUH Finalist

Veer Towers began with a vision for density set against Las Vegas’ sprawling urban fabric. Until its conception, the memory of Las Vegas’ skyline was graphical; our goal was to make it architectural.

Our design solution strives for simplicity and dynamism, with the two 473-foot-high leaning towers forming a playful dialogue in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Active and vibrant, the Veer Towers build upon the energy of the city, while the emblematic structure creates a new urban typology. The towers reinforce the iconic character of the larger mixed-use City Center Development complex that includes luxury hotels, casinos, and retail spaces.

The functional basis of the project defines a unique form, which derives from a rational leasing span optimized to the number of units per floor. In our approach, the context was not the historical background to build upon, but the framework to establish a new order and create a new image. Veer moves because of its relation to its use and context. It is a result of a series of rational decisions. The glass, the fins, the frit, the form, and the slope contribute to the ever-changing nature of the building.

Veer Towers were the first LEED Gold residential tower in Las Vegas. Adjacent public transportation and integrated bicycle storage encourage sustainable urban living, reducing energy usage and hydrocarbon emissions. The use of locally-produced or recycled materials, certified wood products from managed forests, and construction waste management techniques such as diverting 50% to 75% of construction waste from landfills results in a significant reduction in environmental impact.

The façade of Veer is perhaps the more visible of its sustainable elements. The application of high-performance, low-e-coated glazing maximizes the introduction of daylight and views. The conjunction of horizontal louvers and a 57% ceramic frit in 50% of the building’s envelope provides shading to control and reduce solar loads. The Veer Towers are an urbanistically significant, formally simple, and environmentally responsible addition to the eccentric collage of Las Vegas.

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