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Type: Residential

Size: 506,000 sq ft / 47,000 sq m

Height: 64 floors; 730 ft / 223 m

Status: Completed 2016

Recognition: Green Building Award; AIA Chicago Distinguished Building Award

50 West Street creates meaningful space for urban living within the fabric of New York City, establishing a defining presence in the Lower Manhattan skyline.

The building’s envelope is an exercise in the integration of a unique and iconic form that is both functional and economical. The gentle curvature of the façade contributes a harmonious addition to the skyline, while transparent screens adorn the building with a sparkling crown day and night. The building tapers at its base, creating a public space that defines a strong connection with the streetscape. 

The beautiful slenderness of the tower is tailored to local zoning requirements and a rational leasing span. The fluidity of the envelope recalls the soft lines of nature, striking a contrast with conventional angular buildings nearby. The tower shaft is crowned by an ascending surface of curved glass, confirming the building’s soft and elegant presence within the urban skyline.  

Views toward the south emphasize the slenderness of the tower and the dematerialization of the building’s top.

The tower gently slopes to open up the urban plaza connecting West and Washington streets and provides a landing area for the new West Street Pedestrian Bridge.

The use of curved glass at the corners creates expansive views of the skyline and New Jersey.

The concrete ring beam defines the south facing landscaped roof terrace.

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