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Type: Affordable Housing, Residential

Size: 116,000 sq ft / 10,780 m

Height: 7 floors 71 ft / 21.5m

Status: Completion expected 2023

Campus Ohlauer Straße is a funded, integrative housing project in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district that aims to promote coexistence and communication among its different residents with open, communal living concepts. Comprising 120 apartments — approximately 55% of which will serve as subsidized housing — the project will provide affordable living for refugees, homeless women with children, students, and low-income families.

The complex is organized in a U-shaped configuration with blocks of six and seven levels, creating a generous courtyard for private use by residents. Each unit contains a private balcony and is accessed via a series of exterior walkways facing the courtyard, with an elevator core and exterior staircase at the west. The project is designed to make extensive use of modular, prefabricated construction elements, allowing the realization of high-quality, modern living units with maximum efficiency, flexibility, and repeatability at an affordable price. 

On the ground floor, there will be communal areas and space for the public Else Ury library, along with an underground car park with up to 213 bicycle parking spaces.

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